Sat, Aug 15th: BBBands Non-Profit Fundraiser

Youngsville are happy to be representing Animal Human Society for a non-profit event at Tractor Brewery Wells Park!

Tractor Brewing Is At It Again

August 15th, 4pm and Beyond

Tractor Brewing Wells Park Hosts: BBBands

4 Bands – 4 Non-Profits – ONE Amazing Day!

That’s right, you read the headline – we know… it was a long one. How else can one show excitement for

possibly one of the coolest events that’s happened on the Beer Farm yet? We know, that’s saying a lot, as

well. We appreciate all that this community does for the Beer Farm, and continually try and show love

back. Love on the day and night of August 15th, is going to be shown in the form of entertainment for our

patrons, and money for our current Beer For a Better Burque beneficiary non-profit organizations. Those

organizations are, in no particular order: Harwood Arts Center, Animal Humane NM, Health Action NM,

What does the entertainment look like you might ask….? Well, for starters, we are opening the gates at

4pm – yes, gates. This is going to be a parking lot event. The bands will play from the South patio – and

we will have a beer garden and food trucks in our lot! On that patio there will be, again, in no particular

order: Merican Slang, Youngsville, Red Light Cameras, and Mondo Vibrations! Go ahead, wipe your

eyes, and make sure you read the lineup right – yeah… you did!

It’s going to be amazing, y’all. Pay $8 to get in – it will get you two “votes.” Each band will be paired and

“playing” for a non-profit that day. The band with the most votes at the end of the night, wins their non-

profit five-hundred dollars! We will be turning votes into money all day long, in the name of non-profit

work in Albuquerque, and New Mexico. The only thing you have to do is show up! Think you can handle

Buy your tickets ahead of time and assure your ability to come rock out with some of the BEST people,

bands, beer, and atmosphere in Burque – Beer For A Better Burque – BBBANDS, August 15th 4pm and

beyond – Tractor Brewing Wells Park, 1800 4th Street NW 87102.