“Drought City” Album Release Party | Tractor Wells Park | Fri, May 29th

Youngsville return to Albuquerque after their Texas tour to celebrate the release of “Drought City” with their local friends family and fans!

Special Guests: Bellemah and SLOW JEREMIAH!

Free album with purchase of your first pint!




After their “Quest for Water” tour through Texas, the band are itching to share their new music with their home town on May 29th, 2015 at Tractor Brewing Company – Wells Park (1800 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102).

Singer and ring leader of the band, Carlos J.R. Garcia, went through a lot of changes in 2014. Not only did he get back from a successful tour, and release his debut album with Youngsville; He got married, lost his beloved Grandfather (Born in Youngsville, NM) and had his first child.

Digging deeper into his heart about the songs he would write, Carlos presented to the band a more sincere and less tongue-in-cheek approach to songwriting for Youngsville’s sophomore album, Drought City. Pulling from his entire life in the dusty town of Albuquerque, NM.

Youngsville still retain some of the foot-stomping, high energy, folk-pop elements that they created on their debut album, Weeping Whiskey, Bleeding Beer. However, things aren’t quite as lightheartedly besotted this time around. Songs like Empty Flask and Keep Her Happy explore the consequences of the party scene. While other tunes, Clothes of the King and Two-Step to Johnny Cash, offer a more complicated mind-set for the different struggles of making, promoting and presenting music in a new day.

Drummer, Ryan Sciarrotta, also wears his heart on his sleeve writing alongside Carlos for a  love ballad, The Bigger Picture. This song showcases a turn in production for the band, introducing guest instrumentalist, Shawn Berkompas, for a rousing saxophone solo.

Mickey Sanchez holds things together with his signature Youngsville bass lines while also introducing raw and ferocious structure elements to the songs. The rumbling, almost punk-rock track, The Magician, wanders into a pseudo 70’s era jam session that adds more complexity to Youngsville’s sound.

Youngsville’s new album will be available for free on May 29th at their Album Release Party after the purchase of their first pint. Youngsville will be joined by Folk-Rock band The Bellemah and the rowdy guys of Slow Jeremiah.